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Valentines Feature Flower & Gift

Carnation flower Delivery to Bonbon Bohol

Father's Day Carnation Bouquet 011

₱ 1620.00 ( $ 31.66 )

Carnation flower Delivery to Banacon Bohol

Father's Day Mixed Color Rose Bouquet 005

₱ 3325.00 ( $ 64.97 )

Roses Delivery to Jaguliao Bohol


Gerbera Flower Bouquet 014

₱ 1554.00 ( $ 30.37 )

Roses Delivery to Hambongan Bohol


Stargazer Bouquet 007

₱ 2315.00 ( $ 45.24 )


Carnation flower Delivery to Busalian Bohol

Father's Day Stargazer Bouquet 015

₱ 2370.00 ( $ 46.31 )

Roses Delivery to Bansaan Bohol


Gerbera Flower Bouquet 005

₱ 1616.00 ( $ 31.58 )

Flower Delivery to Cabantulan Bohol


Mixed Flower Bouquet 006

₱ 1970.00 ( $ 38.49 )

Flower Delivery to Calangaman Bohol


Mixed Flower Bouquet 007

₱ 2149.00 ( $ 41.99 )

Flower Delivery to Busalian Bohol


Red Rose Bouquet 011

₱ 1437.00 ( $ 28.08 )

Sunflower Delivery to Pamilacan Bohol

Valentines Pink Roses Bouquet 06

₱ 1440.00 ( $ 28.14 )


Roses Delivery to Banacon Bohol


Gerbera Flower Bouquet 003

₱ 1589.00 ( $ 31.05 )

Roses Delivery to Cancoslino Bohol


Gerbera Flower Bouquet 010

₱ 1623.00 ( $ 31.71 )

Tulip Delivery to Sinandigan Bohol


Mixed Color Rose Flower Bouquet 008

₱ 1407.00 ( $ 27.49 )

Flower Delivery to Lapinig Bohol


Mixed Flower Bouquet 014

₱ 2299.00 ( $ 44.92 )

Flower Delivery to Hambongan Bohol


Pink Rose Bouquet 002

₱ 1412.00 ( $ 27.59 )

Flower Delivery to Banbanan Bohol


Red Rose Bouquet 006

₱ 1415.00 ( $ 27.65 )

Send Flowers to Bohol

Boholflora is the leading flower shop that delivers different flower arrangements like flower bouquet, flower stand and flower basket for delivery in the whole Bohol area. Our flower arrangement is especially hand crafted by our expert florist using different techniques and Premium Quality Materials. Check out different flower arrangement available for delivery. We have different varieties of flowers like rose, carnation, daisy or gerbera, stargazer and many more. You can also select the color of your bouquet according to your own taste or your loved one taste.  Once you are done choosing a customized flower bouquet for your loved ones, our expert delivery team will deliver the flower bouquet at the door of your loved ones. By using advanced strategies, we are able to connect thousands of friends and families even they are a thousand miles away from each other. We are able to deliver in the areas of Tagbilaran City, Alburquerque, Alicia, Anda, Antequera, Baclayon, Balilihan, Batuan, Bien Unido, Bilar, Buenavista, Calape, Candijay, Carmen, Catigbian, Clarin, Corella, Cortes, Dagohoy, Danao, Dauis, Dimiao, Duero, Garcia Hernandez, Getafe (Jetafe), Guindulman, Inabanga, Jagna, Lila, Loay, Loboc, Loon, Mabini, Maribojoc, Panglao, Pilar, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, San Isidro, Sagbayan, San Miguel, Sevilla, Sierra Bullones, Sikatuna, Talibon, Trinidad, Tubigon, Ubay and Valencia.

The Wonders of Bohol

Bohol is considered as one of the most beautiful place in the whole South East Asia. There is literally a lot of places to visit in Bohol and in Bohol, you can truly appreciate our mother nature with its pristine beauty. One of the most notable scenery is the Chocolate hills. It is composed of more than 1200 hills that amazed even geologist. There is also beaches in Bohol which has a crystal clear water. These beaches are rich in marine life and it is a famous spot for divers. Bohol is also very fond of wild life and also well known for Tarsier that can be commonly seen in Bohol.

Bohol is indeed a hidden gem. Appreciate your loved ones who lives in Bohol by sending them a Pristine Flower Bouquet for your loved ones. Bohol flora is an online flower store that delivers flower arrangement in Bohol Area

Send Flowers in the Philippines

With Bohol Flora you can also send flower bouquet anywhere in the Philippines! By the use of Philflora’s technology we are able to deliver flower arrangements and chocolate in the Philippines. Our flower bouquet have special package and will be delivered by our expert logistic team. We are 100% that your loved ones will be happy when she receive the bouquet with your special message. So check out our product and send flower bouquet to your loved ones in the Philippines even you are in Bohol.